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A kingdom around Kailash

October 6, 2008

Kailash- the abode of lord Shiva. when we think of the locale the pictures of windswept valleys, and ice laden mountains devoid of any life comes to our minds.

But was it always so?

our legends speak of thousands of butha kanangal serving the gods at Kailash.

recent photographic evidence  from the pilgrims who are performing the inner parikram- the short route just touching the holy hill indicates ajantha ellora shaped caves on the hill itself.

does climate change have something to do about it.

evidences are cropping up of a large scale kingdom flourishing for a thousand years around mount kailash till they were destroyed by a ladakhi army.

a kingdom seemingly straight out of an Indiana Jones movie.

european travellers of the 17th century talk of paddy fields and a cultured civilisation.

it was the Kingdom of Guge.

what have the archeologists found at Guge?.

A  massive mountaintop fortress with lavishly painted interiors, surrounded by soft clay cliffs peppered with hundreds of frescoed caves pockmarking the areas that surround the 900-foot-high citadel.

A succession independent semi-feudal states , the most notable being the Kingdom of Gu-ge on the banks of the Sutlej river immediately north of the main Himalaya ruled the area.
Founded in the 9th century Gu-ge was the political and cultural focus for all western Tibet. Sited on a minor trade route linking Tibet with Kashmir and India the twin towns of Tholing and Tsaparang it thrived until the 17th century when invading forces overcame the defenses and massacred the population.

From the 1680s until the early 20th Century the region was largely deserted, with its great history and cultural treasures forgotten and undisturbed.

Guge remains historically important as the repository of an otherwise vanished artistic style and the source from which an invigorated Buddhist faith spread its light over Tibet.