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March 16, 2009



“sequel to sivakamiyin sabatham”

March 16, 2009


Solomon sketches for “Thillaiyil oru ……

October 10, 2008

Solomon Vedamuthu is a well known architect of Chennai.

one who beleives an architect should be a person who does other things than just buildings.

his foremost achievement is training hundreds of school finalists to get into architectural colleges.

his lectures on perspectives and vanishing points are flavoured liberally with dollops of motivational  materiel and self improvement tactics.

solomon is also a wonderful artist .

i was lucky to get him draw three sketches for the novel  THILLAIYIL ORU KOLLAIKKAARAN

one of them- the palanquin bearers is a masterpiece.

Veda’s sketches for Kaviri mainthan

September 17, 2008

veda is a renowned artist who sketches for Kalki magazine.

he is a nephew of Maniam who drew  the original sketches for kalki’s ponniyin selvan.

i was very particular that veda give me a sample sketch to know for sure his visualisation matched my imagination.

here are three of the sample sketches

its tough to convince him though, on certain matters. for example he refused to draw   a cover with the night back ground. he did give me a sample sketch but refused to do it  for the final cover.

some how i managed to convince him on  the night scenes for all the three back covers- they were black and white sketches.

veda gave me 6 wonderful sketches, one for the front and one for the back of the 3 volumes.




i was very keen that the third book should not have a symbolism of romance  though there were several instances of it in that volume. i went along with karuvur thevar and arul mozhi at thirupoovanam.

a sequel to ponniyin selvan? you must be mad

September 13, 2008

a sequel to ponniyin selvan?

you must be mad. this is a comment i got more than once.

kalki’s ponniyin selvan was firmly entrenched in the tamil novel reader’s mind. his charecters frozen in time.

any changes to them including the process of aging would be sacrilegious

but by the time i had finished kalki’s fifth volume of ponniyin selvan i had decided that it would be me who would write a sequel to it.


i who hadnt written much tamil. I couldnt even get  my la lha  right

could i even dream of writing a sequel to what many think is the greatest tamil novel ever written.

but then the more i thought about it the more it seemed possible. a sequel was just waiting to be written. kalki had left so many openings and in a show of magnanimity had even placed a request on record. someone who can write a continue this story, please do””

unfortunately somebody who tried- vikraman was threatened with court action. but he went along anyway and finished his novel with those charecters kalki had borrowed from history. i didnt have that hassle. there was no copyright for kalki’s works.

any body who finished reading ponniyin selvan wonders what would have happened to kalki’s charecters five years after he left them? he had given a few clues.

kundavai and vanthiyathevan had married…senthan amudan was the chola king, the boat girl pungkuzhali was the empress.but what happened to the rest? the cholas, the pandya rebels, the princes and the commoners.

in my mind i could sense their yearning to be alive again, their longing to adorn the pages of yet another novel.     yes, i decided i would do it. a story formed in mind.

And then came  …….