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uthama chola and sendan amudhan

October 16, 2008

a novel that was read and re read over half a century develops a aura around itself and along with it arise many pet theories

kalki was not a history writer. he was a writer of fiction. he asserted his right by  making a flower boy the real heir to the throne. it was often considered his masterpiece so reminescent of his favourite french authors. the true heir hidden amongst the masses by a quirk of fate.

it was widely beleived that Initially Senthan Amudhan was not intended to be converted to Mathuranthaka by Kalki. The reasons for this sudden change of mind on Kalki’s side is explained by  somebody who was close enough to have observed it.
Kalki’s son Mr.Rajendran narrated the exact incident as wrote:
One day Kalki was doing Yogasana, every morning he had the habit of doing that. (Remember that Yogacharya Sundaram’s widely acclaimed series on Yoga featured as a series in Kalki in those days.) And it was boy Rajendran’s duty, every day to count numbers for his father when he was doing Sirasasanam, a posture of standing upside down!

On the given day after recovering from asana posture Kalki suddenly asked the boy : Senthan Amudhan|Senthan AmudhanayeRaja Aakki vittal enna ? (Why not make Sendhan Amudhan a king ?)

could this be true.???????

kalki in ponniyin selvan never wrote about a needless charecter. each had its role to play.

here are some likely evidences that point otherwise.

A M U TH- A is an anagram of  U- TH- A -M A

pungkuzhali always insists she will marry an emperor only. none but kalki knew that senthan amudhan would succeed in marrying her at the end.

the favourite song that amudhan sings is about the mazhapaadi temple- ponnaar meniyanE…..  a temple of mathuranthaka’s maternal kingdom malpaadi. a temple that is always associated with uthama sola.


was arunmozhi an autobiographical creation?

September 17, 2008

it is tough for an author to keep out a bit of himself from the book he is writing unless its about electromagnetism or lion tailed macques. in more cases than not a primary charecter could be an off shoot of the author himself.

was it the case in kalki and ponniyin selvan?

Kalki was a small town boy. putha mangalam was a village where everybody knew each other. and his shortlived father was quite well known for he was a katha kalatchebam artist in the evenings and the village karnam in the morning.

most people in villages had their nick names and kalki’s father was called ponnu iyer. kalki krishnamurthy as a child was often reffered to in reference with his father as it happens still in india. He is so and so’s son.

kalki was frequently called  ponnuvin magan or ponnu iyers son.

doesnt it sound rather familiar to the topic of his magnum opus. PONNIYIN SELVAN

I wonder which charecter kalki based on his one time mentor and later day arch rival s.s vasan.

( ravidasan ryhmes with vasan though…… hey I was just joking)

Pungkuzhali- one with the flower decked tresses

September 14, 2008

It must have been the socialist within kalki who threw up a charecter that stands out alone in ponniyin selvan.

we have kings and queens, princes and princesses, villians and villis(?) we also have commoners on the stage. a spy in a saintly garb, a flower boy, a boat girl, a light house keeper, all competing for the reader’s attention.

but to many pungkuzhali( the one with the flowed decked tresses) stands out.

she is no soft girl.

she fights a cheetah witht the back bone of a shark and kills it. she paddles her way to lanka  with relative ease.

but there is a problem with her.

she will marry only an emperor she  insists.

does she?