About Me

I am R. Venketesh.

I write  Tamil Historical novels under a pseudonym Anusha Venkatesh.

and before you ask, Anusha is not my wife.

Its named after a Star.

once again not my star.

its a big story why I chose to write my novels  under that name.

My first Tamil Novel was Kaviri mainthan- a sequel to Kalki’s Ponniyin selvan. my second novel was Thillaiyil Oru Kollaikaran.

This Year I chose not to write novels so i could spend time with my son who had his public exam.

My third and fourth novels will be released in 2009. they are titled ‘Kanchi’ and ‘Madurai’

you will read their prolouges soon on this blog.

My other interests are Shaivism, Environment, vastu sastra( i have written 14 books on it and allied subjects) and travelling.


7 Comments on “About Me”

  1. dr chandhru Says:

    im a sort of ‘ FANATIC’ about Tamil history & archeology ( PROBABLY the most committed amatuer archeologist about tamil land)
    have been so since 1958
    just returned from 7 days jus in Thanjaavoor trying 2 find time at the Peria Kovil, am a close friend of Kalaimagal editor, and kauthama Neelaambaran, and have CONDUCTED and gave prize for, tamil historical novels.. picked up ur 2 books K maindan n T oru Kollaikaran( just finished it)

    want to 1) meet u
    2) share w u
    3 ) learn from u
    is it just possible for u to email me as above, and i REALLY like to share more with you

  2. Ganeshkumar Says:

    Hi Venkatesh,

    I have heard about your Kaviri Mainthan as a sequel to PS. Can you pl let me know where i can order ? I live in bangalore and would happily pick it up if available thru VPP or website. Also I will take the thillail oru kokalikaran too. please let me know.

    Best Regards

  3. Vishnu G N Says:

    Are your next publications out.. What happens after KAveri Mainthan.. wat happends to Kanthan Maran and to the newly wed Chola and his new wife.. I guess the Uthama Cholan dies.. how does that come about.. Please write on..

  4. Shrinivasan Seshadri Says:

    I am in Chennai.
    Would like to talk to you.
    Request provide me your contact details.

    Regards/Shrinivasan Seshadri 9840001320

  5. subashini Says:


  6. kumar2saran Says:

    hi Mr.Anusha Venkatesh sir. i’m more impressed the way of ur story runs. i like kaviri mainthan. i bought it in http://www.udumalai.com. i got ur books through online. i wish u’ll be the next kalki. i’m expecting more historitical novels with fiction and non-fiction charecters. thanks in advance.

  7. vimarisanam - kavirimainthan Says:

    my dear thiru R.Venkatesh,

    let me introduce myself as a wordpress blog writer
    who is writing in the name of kavirimainthan (!)
    and my blog’s address is –


    I have not published my photograph anywhere so far.
    Some blog friends , ;who have seen your photo just
    took it that it is me and also wrote to me about it.

    Then I searched and found you in the web.
    NICE !

    Anyway – it is nice that I had your introduction this way.
    I love writer Kalki and i enjoy his historicals.

    I am happy that you are also an admirer of Kalki.

    Ok – will be in touch when chance occurs.

    with all best wishes

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