Chola Temple @ Chingelpet

When one travels south from Chennai, on the GST road just before chingelpet are a range of hills on the right, and of course the ‘never say dry’ kulavai lake on the left.

while people in fast moving vehicles fail to notice,  the more patient amongst them see up on one hill a board that says ‘Siva Siva’ .

folow the board that beckons you  on a track that leads you to the top where we find a peculiar mix of the old and new. a 1000 year old temple stands up to the roof level and above that the construction of a modern roof goes on.

i have visited the site way back in 1996. then  the abandoned and dilapitated temple had a linga  and all around it were snake skins. the amman temple had caved in.

now a swamiji with two labardor dogs has taken over the place and commenced puja.

the temple is called pulipakkam a reminder of an association with a saint called vyagrapadar who had tiger feet.

the base of the temple has an edict mentioning raja raja.

other than history the view from the hilltop is breath taking.

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2 Comments on “Chola Temple @ Chingelpet”

  1. Kathie Brobeck Says:

    The photo with the Lingam is beautiful.

  2. Chitra Narayanasamy Says:


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