was arunmozhi an autobiographical creation?

it is tough for an author to keep out a bit of himself from the book he is writing unless its about electromagnetism or lion tailed macques. in more cases than not a primary charecter could be an off shoot of the author himself.

was it the case in kalki and ponniyin selvan?

Kalki was a small town boy. putha mangalam was a village where everybody knew each other. and his shortlived father was quite well known for he was a katha kalatchebam artist in the evenings and the village karnam in the morning.

most people in villages had their nick names and kalki’s father was called ponnu iyer. kalki krishnamurthy as a child was often reffered to in reference with his father as it happens still in india. He is so and so’s son.

kalki was frequently called  ponnuvin magan or ponnu iyers son.

doesnt it sound rather familiar to the topic of his magnum opus. PONNIYIN SELVAN

I wonder which charecter kalki based on his one time mentor and later day arch rival s.s vasan.

( ravidasan ryhmes with vasan though…… hey I was just joking)

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One Comment on “was arunmozhi an autobiographical creation?”

  1. literature fan Says:

    hey very queer info. haven’t heard this before… it is also said that senthan amudhan was even a fictional character… it seems kalki named this character A-M-U-TH-A which is an anagram of U-TH-A-M-A… amuthan was called uthama solan when he became king…!

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