Veda’s sketches for Kaviri mainthan

veda is a renowned artist who sketches for Kalki magazine.

he is a nephew of Maniam who drew  the original sketches for kalki’s ponniyin selvan.

i was very particular that veda give me a sample sketch to know for sure his visualisation matched my imagination.

here are three of the sample sketches

its tough to convince him though, on certain matters. for example he refused to draw   a cover with the night back ground. he did give me a sample sketch but refused to do it  for the final cover.

some how i managed to convince him on  the night scenes for all the three back covers- they were black and white sketches.

veda gave me 6 wonderful sketches, one for the front and one for the back of the 3 volumes.




i was very keen that the third book should not have a symbolism of romance  though there were several instances of it in that volume. i went along with karuvur thevar and arul mozhi at thirupoovanam.

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