kalki writes about the precautions the pallavas take to keep pulikesi at bay.

the gates of their forts are protected by spikes. when elephants in the  role of battering rams try to bludgeon the entrances the spikes would injure them and they in the ensuing pain turn on their friends. the elephants had a nice drink of water spiked with alchohol to combat the spikes on the gate( pun intended)

all these must have become obsolete with the invention of fire power. aim your cannon at the forts door and pull the fuse- it can accomplish what an intoxicated elephant goaded on by its mahout could do.

I saw this gate in a maratta fort in pune, maharastra. took my memories to sivakamiyin sabatham.

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  1. TVV Says:

    Venketesh Sir,

    Great one! I mean the entire idea of a blog and just this topic. Should have come out much earlier, in my humble opinion. Thanks for bringing it out. And this is how I visualized an Elephant-proof gate and, bang, it is exactly the same as I visualized. Thank you for sharing the photo.


  2. Pandiyan Says:

    is this Shaniwarwada fort?
    i hae visited the fort, but failed to notice this…can we find this in any fort in Tamil Nadu?

  3. Kathie Brobeck Says:

    I saw similar, perhaps not quite as spikey, at Taragarh, Bundi.

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