Pungkuzhali- one with the flower decked tresses

It must have been the socialist within kalki who threw up a charecter that stands out alone in ponniyin selvan.

we have kings and queens, princes and princesses, villians and villis(?) we also have commoners on the stage. a spy in a saintly garb, a flower boy, a boat girl, a light house keeper, all competing for the reader’s attention.

but to many pungkuzhali( the one with the flowed decked tresses) stands out.

she is no soft girl.

she fights a cheetah witht the back bone of a shark and kills it. she paddles her way to lanka  with relative ease.

but there is a problem with her.

she will marry only an emperor she  insists.

does she?

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2 Comments on “Pungkuzhali- one with the flower decked tresses”

  1. shobha ramakrishnan Says:

    Hi Venkat
    Congrats. Nice blogging. Thanks for the choice of Punkuzhali, my favorite in PS for the first blog with the Kalki tag.

  2. literature fan Says:

    punkuzhali is my favorite character too.She is rooted in old customs yet flourishes in sociality. A very queer character with wisdom,knowledge,boldness…..! ! ! ! !

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