a sequel to ponniyin selvan? you must be mad

a sequel to ponniyin selvan?

you must be mad. this is a comment i got more than once.

kalki’s ponniyin selvan was firmly entrenched in the tamil novel reader’s mind. his charecters frozen in time.

any changes to them including the process of aging would be sacrilegious

but by the time i had finished kalki’s fifth volume of ponniyin selvan i had decided that it would be me who would write a sequel to it.


i who hadnt written much tamil. I couldnt even get  my la lha  right

could i even dream of writing a sequel to what many think is the greatest tamil novel ever written.

but then the more i thought about it the more it seemed possible. a sequel was just waiting to be written. kalki had left so many openings and in a show of magnanimity had even placed a request on record. someone who can write a continue this story, please do””

unfortunately somebody who tried- vikraman was threatened with court action. but he went along anyway and finished his novel with those charecters kalki had borrowed from history. i didnt have that hassle. there was no copyright for kalki’s works.

any body who finished reading ponniyin selvan wonders what would have happened to kalki’s charecters five years after he left them? he had given a few clues.

kundavai and vanthiyathevan had married…senthan amudan was the chola king, the boat girl pungkuzhali was the empress.but what happened to the rest? the cholas, the pandya rebels, the princes and the commoners.

in my mind i could sense their yearning to be alive again, their longing to adorn the pages of yet another novel.     yes, i decided i would do it. a story formed in mind.

And then came  …….

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7 Comments on “a sequel to ponniyin selvan? you must be mad”

  1. Malathi Says:

    Dear Venkat, thank you, I was much impressed to read about the history of KM, hope to read it soon. Also about the dutchman face on Periya Kovil. Great start, please keep it going, hope you will share the wealth of info on Kalki and history also with us.


  2. Mouli Says:

    Dear Venkat,

    Its really true. KM was simply great. And i love it more because it makes ‘KandhanMaran’ the hero instead of the stereotyped RRC or VT. I pitied Kandanmaran for losing out to RRC in the bid to win panchavanmadevi.
    I also read NandipurathuNayagi and i didnt find it impressive though.


  3. Sampath Says:

    Hi Venket

    KM is one historical novel I really enjoyed. Though I was a bit disconcerted to read AM’s aimless sojourn to several places, I reconciled to his behaviour in the end, as he has to find his own peace. Even today, people of all ranks take a break to recuperate, so to say. Your writing style is also without strain.

    Do post all interesting titbits and statistics from your treasure house; will visit frequently. Will appreciate a mail from you whenever the blog is updated.

  4. vijay Says:

    hi venkat

    Lovely, please provide more on thillaiyil oru kollaikaran as well. I fell in love with swathi.
    How you masterly used the Kambosa kallu inscription. The tale of the temple dancer and how your friend managed to find inscriptions that actually formed the base of your work much after you had formed the core, the newpaper ‘claims’ of the discovery of the actual kambosa kallu coming up closer to your release date.


  5. sandhya Says:

    Hi Venkat,
    Just finished KM Vol2. Very impressive. It is no small feat to continue a historic story and that too penned by a master story teller who captured hearsts of all who can read it.


  6. s.balasubramani B+ve Says:

    your web blog is must for history lovers.

    please give full narraton about marudanayagam,chettinadu home libraries,pudukottai coastal informations,kattabomman episode. places connected with ps

    Thanks to ps group

    my heartly wishes

  7. Rajan Says:

    Just got hold Kaviri Mainthan and have started reading.
    So far, I would say that the way you have made the story is very interesting – as interesting as PS by Mr. Kalki.
    I finished reading PS about 18 months ago – so when I read the parts (in KM) that indirectly link with PS – I am impressed.
    I’ll comment more after I complete this story.

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